Perform in Taipei Fringe Festival 2018

photo credit | Zhang Kai-Jie



photo credit | Zhang Kai-Jie

Consider the society as a whole, it is shape and shaped by human beings. How we behave? How we go through the process of self-healing? With different medium or any line of art, it could reveal some real self of each individual.

Base on the concept of art therapy and uses body behavior to present.


photo credit | Zhang Kai-Jie

Director | Xin-Ping Li

Director Assistant | Wei-Ting Hung

Executive Director | Yu-Xuan Jian

Administrative Services | Chao-You Gu, Wei Ni

Administrative Propaganda | Zhe-Yu Xu, Yu-Xuan Jian, Cheng-Yu Cai, Ding-Wei Lin

Executive Ticketing | Zhe-Yu Xu

Photography Image | Kai-Jie Zhang

Graphic Design | Ai-Ke Wu, Jing-Yan Huang

Choreographer | Xin-Ping Li, Yi-Fang Wang

Music | Lei-Ning Wang

Stage Image | Jing-Yan Huang

Movement | Yi-Fang Wang, Yi-Zhen Lin, Ting-Hui Lin, Wei-Ting Hung, Hui-Ting Hong, Zhe-Yu Xu, Yuer Zhang, Ya-Zhu Yu, Yu-Xuan Jian, Xin-Ru Zheng


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