Hui-Ting Hong

National Tsing Hua University

M.S. in Electrical Engineering

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I received my B.S. degree in EECS and M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering under the supervision of Prof. Chi-Chun Lee(Jeremy)

from the National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan in 2017 and 2020.


My research interest is Behavioral Signal Processing and Machine Learning. Focus on acoustic signal processing and understanding. Specialize in modeling self-reported pain intensity using multimodal paralinguistic cues and understand how exactly clinical attributes interact with acoustic manifestation across different pain-levels. In order to improve the reliability of automated assessment of self-reported pain.

On the side I love to blog, travel and personally is a big fan of art, especially in contemporary dance. 

My CV[PDF], last updated Feb. 2020


  • 2017/09 - 2020/02: National Tsing Hua University: M.S. in Electrical Engineering

  • 2017/07 - 2017/08: Cardinal Blue Software(PicCollage) Summer Internship: Human Pose Estimation for portrait contour.

  • 2013/09 - 2017/06: National Tsing Hua University: B.S. in Undergraduate Program of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


  • Jan. 2019: 3rd Prize Award (over 88 teams) in 

  • Dec. 2018: Top 10 Award (over 323 teams) in 


  • [PDFInvestigating the Variability of Voice Quality and Pain Levels as a Function of Multiple Clinical Parameters, Hui-Ting Hong*, Jeng-Lin Li, Yi-Ming Weng, Chip-Jin Ng, Chi-Chun Lee. INTERSPEECH 2019

  • [PDF] Improving Automatic Pain Level Recognition using Pain Site as an Auxiliary Task, Hui-Ting Hong*, Jeng-Lin Li, Chun-Min Chang, Chi-Chun Lee. ACIIW 2019

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